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              Education – USA

              Bring elephants into your classroom and community

              Our free resources offer schools, teachers and community groups the opportunity to learn about African elephants and the work of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, as well as empowering youth with ways to get involved and help secure the future of wildlife.


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              Our Education Programs

              Classroom Education Program

              Did you know that elephants can live up to 80 years in the wild, or that if you blow into an elephant’s trunk, it’s said they will remember you forever? Our Education program aims to inspire students, introduce them into the fascinating world of elephants and empower our next generation with ways to get involved to secure the future of wildlife. 

              Our all-inclusive education package was developed with educators to target specific grade ranges and provides the following:

              • PowerPoint Presentations and Videos, complete with note slides to guide you
              • In-class Lessons and Activities, incorporating Philosophy for Children, art and English Language
              • Fundraising and Advocacy Ideas
              • Teacher’s Resource Guide

              Request our free education package

              Complete our request form and start educating about elephants.

              Saving Lives

              What does saving an orphan elephant look like? Since 1977, we’ve given a future to orphaned calves, offering the care, compassion and love they need to recover and go on to live an independent wild life.

              Free Resources

              Inspire and educate with our free education activities.

              Craft exercise USA (3-7 years)


              Word Search USA (7-11 years)


              Crossword USA (7-11 years)