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              Our Wish List

              Our wish list is made up much-needed items and equipment that we use in the field. Whether bought by yourself, or as a gift for someone else, it will make an immediate and long lasting difference for our conservation projects, enabling us to continue providing vital help to wild animals in distress.

              Gifts have been calculated from actual costs and we will always endeavour to direct your donation towards the specific gift you have selected. Where this isn’t possible, we will direct your donation towards the project from which your gift was selected – ensuring it goes where it is needed most.

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              Personalise your gift

              Send an ecard

              Buy as a gift for friends, family or colleagues and they’ll receive an email explaining how the item will be put to use.

              Add a personal message

              We can add a message of your choice to the ecard.

              Choose the date

              Decide when you want the ecard to be sent during the checkout process.

              Celebrating your marriage, birthday, anniversary, or simply fed up of getting socks for Christmas?

              Whatever the occasion, request items from our wish list that your family and friends can donate for you. Whether feeding an elephant or training a ranger, you can help make a difference to our projects on your big day.
              Learn about our projects